Jim Oberweis calls on opponent to disavow former staffer who tweeted about laughing at a video of police officers being assaulted

July 26, 2020
For Immediate Release

Sugar Grove, IL – State Senator and candidate for Congress in the 14th District, Jim Oberweis, is calling on his opponent to condemn the actions of one of her former staffers who tweeted about laughing at a video of police being assaulted.

Hadiya Afzal is a former Lauren Underwood staffer. She also is the President of the College Democrats of Illinois ( and a candidate for the DuPage County Board District 4. In a recent Tweet, she links to a video of police officers being attacked and remarks in the tweet she has “been watching this on repeat for 15 minutes and laughing every single time.”

“The men and women who serve in law enforcement risk everything to keep us safe,” Oberweis said. “There is nothing funny about assaults on police officers. These officers are there to try to stop the violence we are seeing every night in cities across the country. They are trying to keep innocent people safe. There is no need for violence toward police officers. Hadiya Afzal’s tweet is offensive and cruel. I call on Rep. Underwood to show some leadership by condemning the actions of one of her former staffers and standing up for the men and women in her district who serve in law enforcement.”

The Dupage County Democrats had an endorsement of Afzal on their website, but they took down their endorsement this evening.

Attached is a screenshot of Hadiya Afzal’s tweet and a screen shot of the DuPage County Democrats’ endorsement of Afzal.

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