Jim Oberweis Files Notice of Contest with the US House of Representatives

Jan. 4, 2021
For Immediate Release

Sugar Grove, IL – Based on numerous irregularities found in the Discovery Recount, Jim Oberweis today filed a Notice of Contest with the Clerk of the US House of Representatives.

“I first want to thank the countless volunteers that poured over tens of thousands of ballots during the discovery recount process,” said Oberweis. “I do not believe we found any rampant fraud, but what we found is Election Jurisdictions around the 14th District not following the law, which led to an inability to verify that only those who were legally entitled to vote actually voted. To think that a voter drove from his home in Kenosha, Wisconsin to vote on election day in McHenry County and it was allowed to happen calls into question the integrity of the election. We are a nation of rules and laws, they need to be followed and enforced.”

Some of the findings include:

· 5,373 voters who cast votes in the 14th District who also filed address changes in the National Change of Address database, which translates to 4,903 allegedly illegal votes cast in the 14th
· No Election judge initials on Vote By Mail ballots in Kane County
· 63 ballot application requests were granted prior to the June date when election jurisdictions were allowed to accept applications from voters to vote by mail
· 29 VBM ballot application requests were granted after the Oct. 29, 2020 deadline
· Kane County voters were not allowed to vote provisionally
· A voter from Kenosha, WI voted illegally in IL-14 and tweeted about it
· There were more than 1600 ballots cast in DuPage County above and beyond the number of voters who voted

In Kane County, there were 39,647 VBM ballots cast. None of these ballots were initialed by Election Judges, which is illegal in Illinois. Rep. Lauren Underwood had 68.6 percent of the VBM cast in Kane County while Oberweis had 31.4 percent of the vote. Because the votes are illegal, these votes cannot be counted and when the reduction in vote totals are applied to both candidates’ totals, Oberweis wins the 14th Congressional District by 9,374 votes.

“Based on the findings in the Discovery Recount our campaign provided Congress we believe that there is sufficient evidence to show that I won the election for Congress in the 14th District in November,” Oberweis said. “The documentation we provided Congress today shows numerous irregularities and when the proportional reductions in each of our vote totals are applied, there is no question I won the race for Congress.”


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