Jim Oberweis offers to send Speaker Pelosi ice cream if she goes to Washington D.C. to help small businesses

April 18, 2020
For Immediate Release

Sugar Grove, IL – Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took to social media recently and opened her freezer revealing a stockpile of ice cream which gave Jim Oberweis an idea. If Speaker Pelosi loves ice cream so much maybe some free ice cream would be enough to lure her back to Washington D.C. to vote to help small businesses keep paying their employees.

“I think we can solve two problems – Speaker Pelosi’s need for ice cream and the need for Congress to vote on reupping available funds for the small business loan program,” Oberweis said. “Nancy Pelosi needs to get back to D.C. now. If she calls Congress back this week to help our small businesses, I will buy her ice cream at any of our Oberweis Dairy stores for the whole year or anytime she comes to campaign for Congresswoman Underwood in the 14th District. In fact, I will even send her favorite flavors to her in D.C. And there is no doubt Oberweis Dairy ice cream will be better than anything she has in her freezer.”

Democrats are currently blocking efforts to provide an additional $250 billion to the small business loan program with partisan demands.

“This should be a no brainer,” Oberweis said. “Our small businesses need help. Now is the time for leadership – not partisan politics. Speaker Pelosi needs to get back to Washington D.C. and help our hurting small businesses and help President Trump save jobs and stop playing politics.”

To learn more about Jim Oberweis, log onto https://jim2020.com/.


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