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Jim Oberweis: Rep. Lauren Underwood Can’t Have it Both Ways on Impeachment of President Trump

Sugar Grove, IL – Jim Oberweis says Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-14) needs to stop the double speak when it comes to her views on the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

In a tweet from late August, Underwood discussed the House impeachment investigation and stated that, “the Judiciary Committee is investigating whether to recommend Articles of Impeachment, essentially an impeachment inquiry. I support this investigation.”

“Like her mentor Nancy Pelosi, Lauren Underwood is trying to have it both ways when it comes to impeachment,” Oberweis said. “This ridiculous nonsense of supporting an impeachment ‘investigation’ is a cop out. If you support an impeachment ‘investigation,’ you support impeaching the President. She won’t come out and say this because she and Nancy Pelosi know the 14th District voters do not support the impeachment of the President. Underwood ran to be a new face with new ideas, but she is nothing more than a new face on the Nancy Pelosi business as usual politics we see every day in Washington D.C.”

Oberweis said it is time for people to put partisan politics aside and focus on the issues Americans care about instead of on an impeachment process that is not warranted and will not go anywhere.

“Not only is Lauren Underwood on Team Nancy Pelosi and on the wrong side of the impeachment question, but she is part of a growing number of extremist legislators who are focused on a harmful agenda that is dividing our nation and worse, ignores the problems facing American families. What is Lauren Underwood doing to address border security concerns? What is she doing to create more jobs in our district? What is she doing to bring more transparency and competition to healthcare? These are the issues the people of the 14th District care about and instead our Representative is sending out tweets talking about impeaching the President.”

The Primary Election is March 17, 2020. To learn more about Jim Oberweis, log onto https://jim2020.com/.

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