Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis’ Statement on President Trump’s Acquittal

Feb. 5, 2020
For Immediate Release

Sugar Grove, IL – Jim Oberweis is issuing the following the Statement on the action the United States Senate took today to acquit President Donald Trump in the impeachment charges the House brought against him.

“As expected, the United States Senate voted to acquit President Trump of both impeachment charges. The impeachment sham is finally over.

Lauren Underwood and her mentor House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have had a bad week this week. President Trump’s approval ratings are soaring, and the President has just been acquitted of the completely partisan impeachment charges both Underwood and Pelosi strongly support.

The President outlined a clear vision for our nation in the State of the Union Address that is a stark contrast to the message of hate coming from the doom and gloom impeachment crazed Democrats like Lauren Underwood.

Thanks to President’s Trump’s leadership our economy is booming. Jobs and wages are on the rise. Healthcare insurance premiums are going down and pre-existing conditions are being protected. His policies of more competition and more price transparency are working.

Under his leadership, parents with kids in failing schools are finally getting the choice they deserve.

I was especially moved by the story of Ellie Schneider who had a premature birth and thanks to the President’s healthcare policies she and her baby are healthy, happy and well.

President Trump is transforming the Judiciary with 187 new judicial appointments, and he is keeping our country safe. I applaud President Trump for his leadership. Now that he has been acquitted, it is time to put partisan politics aside and tackle the real issues facing our country. I look forward to working with him on his America First agenda.”

The Primary Election is March 17, 2020. To learn more about Jim Oberweis, log onto https://jim2020.com/.

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