Jim Oberweis Statement on State Senator Terry Link’s resignation as Lake County Democrat Chair

Aug. 31, 2020
For Immediate Release

Sugar Grove, IL – State Senator and candidate for Congress in the 14th District, Jim Oberweis, is issuing the following statement on State Senator Terry Link’s (D-Waukegan) resignation as the chairman of the Democrat Party in Lake County.

“Senator Terry Link’s resignation as Democrat Party Chairman is certainly the right and necessary decision. He no longer will be able to choose his successor in the Illinois Senate. But resigning from an unpaid political post does not go far enough. Senator Link has betrayed the public trust. He needs to immediately resign his position as State Senator.

The second in command in the Lake County Democrat organization is Lauren Beth Gash. So far, she has been silent on the ethics concerns surrounding prominent Democrats such as House Speaker Michael Madigan. Lauren Beth Gash served in the House and supported Madigan for Speaker. As the presumptive new leader of the Lake County Democrats, she has an opportunity to show leadership and join the chorus of Democrats and Republicans who are calling for Madigan’s resignation. I suggest she seize this opportunity.

Finally, it is time for my opponent, Lauren Underwood, to stop standing on the sidelines pretending the scandals involving leaders of her party are not happening. Her silence on Senator Link and Speaker Madigan has gone on long enough. We need to change the culture in Illinois and that can’t happen as long as elected officials like Lauren Underwood remain silent.”

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