Jim Oberweis urges federal intervention to stop violence in Chicago

Aug. 10, 2020
For Immediate Release
Sugar Grove, IL – State Senator and candidate for Congress in the 14th District, Jim Oberweis, is issuing the following statement on the violence engulfing downtown Chicago.

“What we are witnessing in Chicago is very disturbing. The perpetrators behind the violence, looting and rioting are criminals engaged in a coordinated criminal enterprise to terrorize citizens, damage property, enrich themselves with stolen merchandise and destroy family-owned businesses.

We are at this point because of a failure of leadership. When President Trump offered to aid Chicago by sending in reinforcements to stop the violence, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot responded with over the top foul language in her refusal to accept the help.

There has been a failure at all levels of government in Illinois. Governor JB Pritzker has allowed Mayor Lightfoot to continue to make one bad decision after another without intervening and Cook County Prosecutor Kimberly Foxx has failed to prosecute the criminals behind the rioting and looting. The lack of support for Chicago police who risk their lives every day is incredibly disappointing.

We need federal help to get the City under control. I urge President Trump to send in federal law enforcement officials to restore order in Chicago. Lightfoot, Foxx, and Pritzker had an opportunity to get a handle on this situation and they have failed miserably. If our local and state officials are not willing or able to stop the looting, then It is time for federal involvement. It is time to defend our police and stop the dangerous rioting and looting. We cannot allow Chicago to become another Portland.”

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