Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen endorses Jim Oberweis for Congress

Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen endorses Jim Oberweis for Congress

Oct. 21, 2020

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Sugar Grove, IL – Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen says the 14th Congressional District race is a critical one for not just the region but for the nation, and he is urging voters to get behind Jim Oberweis to elect a person who truly represents our area.

“The situation in our country today is way too serious for any of us to approach this election with only our emotions,” Lauzen said. “This is not a junior high school popularity contest where we simply vote for whom we “like” the most. Proper public service is about what we are inside, where we actually come from, and then it’s the series of promises that we make to constituents who elect us.”

“It finally sunk in that Lauren Underwood’s very first vote would again be to re-elect Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the U.S. Congress, like she did two years ago. For two long years, Jim Oberweis’ opponent has voted literally 100% of the time with the polarizing and extreme political views of the San Francisco, California Representative, rather than for the Midwestern Kane County values and aspirations that she had promised to vote for.”

“The incumbent has broken her promises to us, including the distracting and destructive impeachment of a President. At the moment when this unpleasant reality sunk in, I realized that we all have to take action to protect our country; this is my way of trying to reverse the current tide and tone in Congress.”

“I ask Kane County residents to get behind Jim Oberweis for Congress.”

Oberweis said he is honored to have the support of Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen.

“Chris has been an excellent advocate for taxpayers, good government, and family values in his public service. This includes the last 8 years as Kane County Board Chairman, and 20 years, before me, as State Senator for the 25th District,” Oberweis said. “There is a lot at stake in this election and having Chris’s support is important. We need new leadership in Congress. Lauren Underwood is a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda. I will be the common-sense leader our district needs. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the people of the 14th District as their voice in Congress.”


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