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Oberweis Renews Efforts For Universal Term Limits

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS — Jim Oberweis announced that he has signed a pledge to the U.S. Term Limit organization to support legislation to limit the amount of time legislators may serve in Washington DC. Oberweis called upon all candidates for Congress in the 14th District, both Republicans and Democrats, to sign the same pledge.

“I have been a strong proponent of term limit legislation for every level of government. No good can come of an individual moving from their home state to Washington DC for 20, 30, 40 or 50 years so that they can serve as a United States Senator or Congressman,” said Oberweis. “Despite what any of them say, anyone who stays in our state or national capitol for more than 12 years isn’t there to help the citizens of their state anymore. They are there to propagate their own power, prestige, and for many, their pocketbook. They arrive paupers, but leave as millionaires. Career politicians vote in the way they think will help them get reelected. Term limited officials are more likely to vote in ways they believe are best for our state and our country.”

Oberweis has publicly advocated for term limits for legislators in both Washington DC and Springfield, Illinois, and pledged to serve no more than 10 years when he was elected to the Illinois State Senate.

“Illinois, Chicago and Cook County have been controlled by the same families for almost 75 years. The names Daley, Madigan, Cullerton, Burke, Stroger and Durbin have been stamped on legislation that has decimated the finances of our state and major metropolitan areas going back to the 1960’s,” said Oberweis. “They need to move on and we need to make sure a new generation of career politicians do not take their place by enacting strict term limits for every office. If an individual is extremely talented, the voters will elevate them to higher office. If they fail to distinguish themselves, the damage they inflict will be minimized by term limits.”

Oberweis stated that term limits for federal offices will require a Constitutional Amendment, an act of Congress and ratification by at least 38 states.

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