State Senator Oberweis Comments on Indictment of Democrat Tom Cullerton


State Senator Tom Cullerton has just been indicted.

The corrupt bargain between labor unions (especially public-sector unions) and the elected officials who vote on their contracts has been exposed in its most corrupt form with the indictment of Democratic State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-DuPage). Federal prosecutors and the FBI have laid out their case that Cullerton was essentially a Teamster union leadership ghost payroller the entire time he was an Illinois State Senator who voted on laws that govern every aspect of the employer-employee relationship. If true, he has betrayed his constituents and the State of Illinois and he will pay the price, but nowhere near the price Illinois taxpayers pay in the form of $160 billion in combined public employee pension debt that is the product of the corrupt bargain between the unions and the Democratic Party.

Had his name not been Cullerton, he might never have been elected in the first place, which is the reason the Chicago tradition of family political dynasties should be rejected by voters. Beginning with Chicago Alderman Edward “Foxy” Cullerton in 1871, continuing with Cook County Assessor P.J. “Parky” Cullerton (who had 18 employees convicted on bribery/corruption charges before he abruptly retired) and continuing to 2019 with the political power of Senate President John Cullerton, the conflicts of interest and politics of personal self-interest tend to dominate political family dynasties. It needs to end.


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